Guitar Repair in Nashville

We are the premier stringed instrument repair shop for Guitar Setup and Guitar Repair in Nashville, Guitar Repair in Franklin, and all other types of Stringed instrument repair. We make, shape, install nuts and saddles. We re-fret, dress frets, level, polish and re-crown frets. We set up, clean up, and love up on your stringed instruments. 

We fix tube amps and test tubes. We do neck inserts, replace and repair tuners, sell parts, repair pedals, buff, clean, repair finish flaws, replace bridges, replace tremolos, and fix fret sprout. We repair all guitar electronics, and install pickups. 

We do neck resets, fix holes, repair cracks, slot bridges, shave braces, fix cracked end blocks, neck blocks, and fingerboards. 

I am sure that there is a lot that I forgot to mention, but we can probably fix it. Please come see us for all of your maintenance and repair needs.


Here is one we recently repaired